Monday, 21 April 2008

First Blog Award For My Humble Blog

I had a pleasant surprise from two of my blogger mates when I got my network up and running again! I am so touched and jubilated to receive an Excellent Blog Award for this humble blog of mine. My sincere heartfelt thanks to Silvia and Stardust for giving me this award. (^^,)
Since I started blogging, I had met many lovely bloggers from across the globe in this cyberworld. Taking a peep into their lives, learning from them and sharing on tips of life, cultures and things, sharing their joy, happenings, sadness, etc. I thank God for sending me lovely blogger friends like Silvia, Stardust, BP, Michele, SAHM and many many more and I truly enjoyed your presence and company. A BIG {{{HUGS}}} to all and I thank God for your friendship. I have also noticed that the award have gone around some of us, so now, here's my turn to pass on the Excellent Blog Award and Happiness to ........
SAHM, for your wonderful blog, encouragement and your presence here. I enjoy having you here. =)
Tania, for your talent and love for patisserie. I have picked up a few real good baking tips from you, my dear friend
Su, for your courage to make a change in your life to pursue your interest and love for food.
Elaine, for all your lovely snapshots of life. Just love your pictures and thanks for sharing the Singapore Flyer Pic.
Carol, for your lovely blog and pics of your wonderful cakes and bakes! Looking at them just gives me the motivation to give each of your recipe a try (^^,)
My dearest blogger mates, thank you once again for the award and let's start spreading our love and appreciation in this cyberworld!
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